Efficient waste treatment

We responsibly limit waste production and maximize its return to circulation according to the principles of the circular economy. We deal with sorting, removal, recycling and disposal of waste for companies, cities, municipalities and citizens.


Our priority is the maximum rate of waste recovery. We sort, recycle and produce the most reusable raw materials.

Circular economics

We build our waste management philosophy on the principles of circular economy. In a circular economy, the products produced are repaired, reused or reprocessed instead of disposed of, which leads to energy savings, lower waste production and the sustainable development of society.

Cooperation and education

In addition to waste management, we are actively involved in innovation and educational activities. We initiated the establishment of the Ponitrian Association of Municipalities, thanks to which we helped the whole region to reduce waste production, increase the share of sorting and recycling, while keeping the whole solution financially meaningful. We also regularly organize lectures at schools and excursions.

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Family academic tradition

ENVI-GEOS Nitra, s.r.o. is a Slovak family company, which was founded in 1993 by Doc. Ing. Štefan Sklenár, CSc, academic leader in waste management. Founder of ENVI-GEOS Nitra, s.r.o. He has long worked as a university teacher at the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, and according to his vision, we still rely on fair dealing and a friendly, human approach to customers and employees.