Services for cities and municipalities

We focus on providing quality services and ensuring functional waste management systems in the municipal sector. We use our many years of experience in the field of waste management from cities and municipalities to set high efficiency in the collection and processing of household waste. We deal with the collection of all types of waste, while we sort the sorted components of municipal waste in terms of material in accordance with the waste management hierarchy. In addition to the constant renewal and modernization of the vehicle fleet, we are gradually providing equipment for weighing vehicles with a weighing system.

We provide local governments with a complete service in the entire process of municipal waste management and processing:

  • comprehensive provision of waste management
  • collection and transport of municipal waste
  • consultancy and services in the field of waste management legislation

Separate collection of municipal waste

For cities and municipalities, we ensure the collection of all components of municipal waste in accordance with applicable legislation and in accordance with the VZN of the municipality, including:

  • paper and cardboard, glass, metals, plastics, VKM, textiles, wood
  • bio-waste
  • small construction waste and bulky waste, including mattresses and furniture
  • waste electrical and electronic equipment, used batteries and accumulators
  • separately collected components of municipal waste from households containing hazardous substances

Biodegradable waste and edible oils

We perform separate collection of all components of biological waste:

  • biodegradable kitchen waste (BKW)
  • edible oils and fats from households
  • biodegradable waste from gardens and parks, including cemetery waste

Invaluable components of communal waste

Components of municipal waste that cannot be materially recovered are handed over for energy recovery or disposed of at two of our own landfills for non-hazardous waste at the Rumanová Landfill and the Svinia Landfill.