We operate 2 landfills for ordinary waste in Slovakia. The larger landfill is located in the Nitra region near the village Rišňovce. A smaller landfill is located near the village of Svinia in the Prešov region.

Pressing was our first processing activity. The increased volume of secondary raw materials also required adequate technological equipment, which is why in 2005 we purchased a fully automatic large-capacity press. It is a mechanical-physical adjustment in accordance with Act 223/2001 Coll. under loading code R 12. The result is a pressed package, which is a desired raw material, for example, for the production of paper.

Paper waste is common packaging and non-packaging materials made of paper and cardboard.

These include newspapers, magazines, notebooks, books, office paper, paper bags, cardboard, hard paper boxes, cardboard, envelopes, leaflets, catalogs, telephone directories, posters, postcards, stackers, wrapping and crepe paper, fabric softener packaging and etc.

This does not include wax paper, aluminum foil paper, frozen food packaging, pouch soups, puddings, baking powders, powdered sugar, spices, popsicles, cigarette boxes (excluding the cardboard part), heavily soiled or greasy paper, copy paper, multilayer combined materials (tetrapack), plastic packaging, etc.

Metal waste is common metal packaging and non-packaging materials. These include metal lids for bottles and cups, metal tubes for pastes, metal parts, wires and cables (without sleeves), old crockery, spray packaging, scrap metal, steel, non-ferrous metals, aluminum caps, aluminum packaging, metal caps, nails , staples, clips, pins, metal pipes, old keys, locks, cans (from ready meals, pate, compotes, animal feed), steel cans from drinks, valves, metal food packaging (cans and cans must be disposed of before delivery leftover food and rinse).

This does not include metals heavily contaminated with food residues, paints and various chemicals.